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So, today I was asked, by someone on twitter, what could be done about premature hair thinning. And I started to reply and realized that I was only letters away from being out of room and I was miles away from being done with what I needed to say to help them. So, I thought about it and realized that a lot of people are probably dealing with the exact same thing as this person. So I decided to do a little more research on the subject and blog to all of you about it!

So the first thing I would recommend is the B vitamin called Biotin. It is the same vitamin that gastric bypass patients take to prevent hair loss during their post surgery recovery. It's fairly inexpensive, $5.00 - $7.00 depending on where you get it. And can be purchased over the counter at any Wal-Mart or drugstore. So this is a great inexpensive, hassle-free substitute for prenatal vitamins, which we'll get to next.

Prenatal Vitamins are another vitamin that is great for hair. It has so many nourishing vitamins in it that the results make hair thick and shiny in a short time. But, as most of you know, these are the vitamins doctors prescribe to women to are pregnant. But, lately, a lot of celebrities are admitting that this is their 'great hair' secret. Most doctors will prescribe these to you if you ask, and I have heard that you can now buy them on some websites that specialize in selling vitamins. But they will be pretty costly and hard to get ahold of with either alternative.

There are also many other vitamins that help fight hair loss as well as many other health problems. Though, the best everyday vitamins for your hair are: Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, & Vitamin K. These vitamins all do something different for your body and your hair, and should be taken daily, even if you don't have thinning hair. They are all fairly inexpensive, $3.00-$7.00, depending on where you buy them, and can all be purchased over the counter.

The next thing that I want to talk about is nutrition. A poor diet reflects negatively on your body, skin, hair, and nails. But especially on your hair and skin. Eating too many processed foods, soda, and junk food like potato chips and candy bars will cause your body to slow down the reproduction of cells because it has nothing to feed off of and needs to conserve all of it's energy to keep you functioning and healthy. So this puts things like skin cell reproduction on the back burner. (Skin cells are also what make your hair and nails.) To keep from letting this happen, always eat processed and junk foods in moderation. So, that means, keep the junk food (and processed food) down to once a day, or less. And the rest of the day snack on healthy foods like, bananas, carrots, salads, fish, grapes, nuts, apple juice, turkey, cheese, milk, granola, etc. etc. Save the ice cream, snickers bar, and Coca-cola for a 'one a day' snack. Do this for a few weeks and you will notice a great difference in your overall health and appearance.

Now onto the causes of premature hair thinning. The #1 cause is breakage. If your hair problem is just breakage then you have a better chance of getting your hair to stop thinning than if it's caused by old age or genetics. Breakage can be caused by many things. Hair dryers, straighteners, & curling irons all cause heat damage which almost always leads to some kind of breakage, whether it's split ends or actual disconnecting breakage where the hair just breaks in half and falls off (this is the kind that causes hair to look thinner).

Another cause of breakage is over brushing or combing. This can cause the hair strands to weaken which can lead to breakage. And never brush your hair when it's wet. Wet hair is much more susceptible to breakage and all that tugging is sure to cause some damage.

And, yet another cause of breakage is using too many hair products. Things like hair gel and hair spray are the worst for breakage. When your hair is clean it has a natural elasticity that allows the hair strand to move freely without breaking. But once the hair is stiff all of that elasticity is gone and any small movement can cause breakage.

Now I know that drying, straightening, brushing and hairspray isn't anything to give up for good, but now that you are aware that these things cause breakage, try to keep them to a minimum.

One way to prevent breakage is by rinsing your hair with cold water. I know that probably sounds weird and out there but it's true. After you are done washing your hair, before you get out of the shower turn off all the hot water and rinse your hair with cold only. There is a simple explanation for why this works. Your hair has pores, just like your skin. Heat opens up the pores on your hair, just like the pores on your face. So while you are washing your hair with hot water the pores are open, and this makes the hair strands more vulnerable to breakage. But, when you expose your hair to the cold water's temperature the pores snap shut, making the hair strand a little stronger. It also makes the hair reflect more light making it appear shinier. You should also do this before entering a swimming pool or hot tub with chlorine. This will cause your hair to absorb the tap water and keep it from absorbing so much of the chlorine water, because chlorine causes hair damage which can also lead to breakage. Below is a photo of what the hair strand looks like with open pores as well as with closed pores. You can see why closed pores are so much stronger and shinier.

And last, but not least, the thing that causes hair loss the worst (besides genetics), is hats. This affects men, women, & teens the worst. Once you start getting older and your metabolism starts to change or slow down this is the absolute worst time to wear hats. If you have ever seen a man who has went his whole life wearing hats on a daily basis then you understand why you shouldn't wear hats. It causes people with good genetics to lose their hair even at a young age. Now I totally recommend wearing sun hats to the beach and while gardening, etc. etc. After all, it's better to have hair loss than skin cancer. But if you are one of those people who wear base ball caps everyday just because you like the way they look then you better be ready to wear them your whole life because your not gonna have hair on top one day. The reason hats cause hair loss is because you hair grows as such a slow rate anyway, (I believe it's something like 2 inches every 6 months) when you have something pressing down on the follicle all the time, it's pressing back against the hair's natural growth pattern. And after a while of this happening your hair follicle will eventually stop trying to grow. It basically dies. And this can happen, not only with hats, but also with too tight ponytails, braids, cornrows, and bandanas. And once your follicle has 'died' there is no sure way to get it to start growing again. Now, there are a few ways that people will tell you to get them to regrow hair. Like laser follicle stimulation, creams & shampoos, and scalp massages. But none of these are guaranteed to get your follicles to start working again. So you better take care of them while they're working.

Now that's basically it for causes of hair thinning and ways to prevent it, but while I was doing this research I came across this website called hair cubed that claimed to have a 'thickening hair spray' and I looked at the pictures and I was like.. 'no way, that's just another rip off product scheme to get people's money' But then a video started on their page and it shows a guy who's basically bald using this product. And by the end of this video he pretty much looks like he has a head full of hair. And it's all one fluid shot! The camera never cuts away from his head! (By the way, if you see an ad for something like that and the camera cuts away and then cuts back it's more than likely a fraud.) So, I'm not exactly sure how this product works, I think it must have a little coloring in it and it must cling to your hair strand making it look a whole lot thicker, (which may not be good for you hair) But it says its 100% organic so I don't know, maybe it's not too bad. But this product does wash out with every shampoo so you'd have to use it everyday. But if your hair is pretty far gone and nothing seems to be helping it then maybe you should give this a try. I'll put a link to their site below.


But anyway, that's it for today guys. I hope this helps some of you guys out there (or your husbands). If you have any requests for a blog or a video just leave me a comment or message on here, youtube, or twitter, and I promise I will do the best I can!

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