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My YouTube 100 Subscribers Contest!!

Hey Glamour Girls!

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So I just got done uploading my 100 Subscribers Contest video on YouTube, and I thought that some of you guys might want to enter as well. The prizes are:

First Prize (video entry)

ConAir Hair Care Gift Set, includes:
● 1 blue 1" ceramic flat iron
● 1 matching blue hair brush
● 1 matching blue rat tail comb
● Assorted ponytail holders

First Prize (comment entry)

E.L.F. Lipgloss Gift Set, includes:
● 1 Nude Lipgloss
● 1 Pink Lipgloss
● 1 Nude w/ Pink Tint Lipgloss
● 1 Dark Rose Lipgloss
● 1 Clear w/ glitter Lipgloss


1.) Video Entries must be a Halloween Costume Tutorial.

2.) Video Entries must be posted as a video response to my contest video.

3.) All entries (video & comment) must be in by October 31st.

4.) You must be a subscriber to my channel (or a blog follower for you guys)

&& I do ship internationally, so don't worry about that!

Also if you guys want to enter the comment entry and don't have a youtube then you can just enter via blogger by leaving me a comment on this blog saying "enter me into the comment entries" or something along those lines.

But, be sure to enter, one way or the other, and
Subscribe for many more contests to come!!

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  1. Just following you back from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Sorry it's late! Your blog is very cute! Please follow me back @ www.romanianprincess.com

    Thanks, Nicole Mariana

  2. hey!
    I followed you here and on twitter and subscribed to ur youtube channel and i will comment on ur channel!!!